Everything really started in 1995. I became a trainee at a small television company

called „offshore agency“.

This was really the first time that i came in contact with the mysterious medium film / television. While working at „offshore“ i often had to pick up some light equipment at cine licht / hamburg. I asked for a job at the rental house and got a trainee job there as light assisant / 2nd grip.

From 1996 – 1997 i worked freelanced as light assistant / 2nd grip on some feature films.

In winter 1997 Hartmut Rabe gave me the chance to be a volunteer at the camera rental of

cine licht / hamburg.

I stayed nearly a year at the camera rental, getting to know every piece of equipment and serving clients (AC´s) at the checkout / prep day.

From the end of 1998 i worked freelanced as 2nd AC on a lot of commercial films

and music videos…

A really big adventure was the expo film 1999/2000 for the bertelsmann company

directed by Nico Karo. We shipped 3 tons of camera equipment all over the world ..

In 2000 i started to work as a focus puller / 1st AC. Since 2004 i also work as a camera operator.

Since then a lot of feature films … hundreds of music videos… and thousands of kilometers

on the A 24 (hamburg – berlin) passed by …. and i still know that for me

my job is the best job on earth….

Almost every production i have ever worked on

is listed at crew-united.